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Densità abitative

The outskirts of large cities like Caracas, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro are homes to herds of poor people that live in illegal facilities lacking primary services like water, electricity and sewage.
These barracks have been expanding over the years, building up layer upon layer, expanding like a living organism towards the urban centers of the cities. And cities where the economic growth has actually taken place effectively, have given birth to a different type of favelas; bulky artificial constructions that develop vertically, like a parody/apology of the technique. Enormous stacks of containers that resemble the homes of insects, not of people. The visual impact is astounding, especially when filtered with the photographic lens of Gursky and Wolf: endless fields of repetitive modules, emblems of the paradigm of economic construction, infinite like computer generated fractals. An apocalyptic and disorienting landscape of human density. Fields of human beings that start to look like something that we envisioned as fiction when watching 'matrix' not too long ago.


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